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Injuries cannot always be avoided and occur for a variety of reasons including:

  • Accidents
  • Collisions in contact Sports
  • Over-training
  • Fatigue
  • Poor technique and posture
  • Environmental conditions
  • Occupational demands

All injuries can vary from minor to very complex and the quicker these injuries are diagnosed and addressed the better the outcome will be for the patient.

As each injury and each patient are different, it is important that a bespoke treatment and rehabilitation plan is implemented to ensure that patient returns to full function at the end of their rehabilitation period.

Please use the body location tabs on the left hand side to see some of the injuries and condition we regularly treat.

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If you are Physiotherapist looking for an additional income stream we would love to speak to you.  

We have opportunities nationwide and a range of flexible working arrangements to suit an individuals personal circumstances and commitments. 

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What our
clients say.

  • Peter Shilton

    An integral part of my back room staff

    Peter Shilton

  • Mark Davies

    Mark worked with me one to one throughout my cruciate ligament knee injury and got me through my time injured and also helped me develop physically and mentally for 10 months, it was a pleasure to have worked with such a great professional and a good man.

    Mark Davies

  • Jamie Redknapp

    Mark Leather has been brilliant with me. He has kept me going and it's because of him really that I'm back to full fitness as soon as I am.

    Jamie Redknapp

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