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Rehabilitation Programmes

At Mark Leather Physiotherapy Ltd, we provide tailored exercise and rehabilitation programmes at your initial assessment and subsequent treatment sessions. This is with the aim of maximising your recovery, self-managing your injury and preventing re-injury.

These programmes comprise predominantly of strengthening and stretching exercises in order to improve muscle performance; stabilise joints; and help with the healing process. Exercises ensure that soft tissues are strong enough to cope with the physical demands placed on them, allowing protection of joints and reducing the risk of injury.

Stretching involves holding the soft tissue structures of muscles, tendons and ligaments at their end range of movement for a short length of time. This enhances the mobility of soft tissue, which in turn will improve flexibility and allow the body to adapt to the physical challenges experienced during everyday life, work and sport.

Stretching and strengthening exercises are vital, as abnormal changes in muscle length and strength can cause imbalances and place abnormal stress/ strain on structures. This can consequently lead to injury or re-injury.

We Are Recruiting!

We are currently looking for self-employed clinicians and clinics in various locations nationally including; County Durham, Teesside, Sunderland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cumbria and the Midlands amongst others.

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What our
clients say.

  • Robbie Fowler

    Undoubtedly one of the best guys I've worked with.

    Robbie Fowler

  • Peter Shilton

    An integral part of my back room staff

    Peter Shilton

  • Jamie Redknapp

    Mark Leather has been brilliant with me. He has kept me going and it's because of him really that I'm back to full fitness as soon as I am.

    Jamie Redknapp

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