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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a treatment used by physiotherapists, sports therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths to mobilise and manipulate joints.

A mobilisation is a manual treatment technique performed by the therapist on both peripheral and spinal joints. It directly treats joints and soft tissue in order to:

  • Restoring normal movement
  • Improving range of movement at a joint
  • Lubricating joint surfaces
  • Decreasing muscle spasm
  • Relieve/reduce Pain
  • Stimulate the joint to increase awareness and joint position sense

Mobilisations involve graded, passive and oscillatory movements to the affected joint or region. These are performed repeatedly in large or small dosages and for varying amounts of time depending on the complaint.

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We are currently looking for self-employed clinicians and clinics in various locations nationally including; County Durham, Teesside, Sunderland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cumbria and the Midlands amongst others.

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What our
clients say.

  • Jamie Redknapp

    Mark Leather has been brilliant with me. He has kept me going and it's because of him really that I'm back to full fitness as soon as I am.

    Jamie Redknapp

  • Josh Vela

    One of the best I've worked with. I had been out with a cartilage tear for around 6 to 8 weeks, my rehab was fantastic and I came back much fitter much stronger and a better player.

    Josh Vela

  • Jan Mølby

    I was handed over the our new Physiotherapist Mark Leather. Although it was a lot harder, I enjoyed being with him rather than the lads.

    Jan Mølby

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