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Mark Leather Physiotherapy can count Kirwans solicitors as a close business partner. Based on the Wirral, Kirwans deal with clients locally, regionally and nationally.

Both Mark Leather Physiotherapy and Kirwans hold the client's best interests at heart and continually strive to ensure that the patient is firmly placed at the centre of all treatment and care. This shared ethos manifests itself in a heavy emphasis on providing the patient with self-management techniques to ensure long-term recovery - a key component for both companies. We are continuing to forge a strong business relationship with Kirwans and highly recommend them for any business assistance or legal advice you may have. To find out more about the company, we direct you to their website at the following link:

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Fit4Sport has a wealth of experience gained from working with professional therapists in elite sport. As a result we are able to provide a wide range of products suitable for therapists and sports players from top professionals right through to the leisure and recreational participant.

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Physiquipe's aim is to be the leading provider of physical rehabilitation equipment. We have used our international contacts to hand pick the best products relating to the functional assessment and rehabilitation of human performance. We run regular clinical education days, to demonstrate how our equipment is currently being used, and how it can enhance your department. For information on upcoming user and demonstration days, please contact us.

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We Are Recruiting!

We are currently looking for self-employed clinicians and clinics in various locations nationally including; County Durham, Teesside, Sunderland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cumbria and the Midlands amongst others.

Please contact us for further information.

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What our
clients say.

  • Jamie Redknapp

    Mark Leather has been brilliant with me. He has kept me going and it's because of him really that I'm back to full fitness as soon as I am.

    Jamie Redknapp

  • Jan Mølby

    I was handed over the our new Physiotherapist Mark Leather. Although it was a lot harder, I enjoyed being with him rather than the lads.

    Jan Mølby

  • Josh Vela

    One of the best I've worked with. I had been out with a cartilage tear for around 6 to 8 weeks, my rehab was fantastic and I came back much fitter much stronger and a better player.

    Josh Vela

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